Delicate Crafted & Outdoor Legend

Delicate and exquisite are the important principle that COMFAST always retain high quality for products. CF-WA850 creative design and functions uses high-level configuration to describe the legendary of COMFAST brand AP across outdoor.

Qualcomm Chipset & Quality Guarantee

It uses three Qualcomm chipset, which ensure excellent performance and effectively guarantee. COMFAST products each part all comes from brand suppliers, which ensures success by details.

Dual BAnd Concurrency & 5.8G Signal Priority

CF-WA850 is with 5.8G Signal Priority, which makes users can automatically connect with the non-interfering 5G network and enjoy the more better WiFi experience.

Fast Speed & Smooth Network

It is 1750Mbps transmission speed, which should be focused on every project.

Strong Signal & Large Coverage

For the outdoor WiFi project, signal coverage is the basic standard of judging the project is good or bad. CF-WA850 uses 6PA and 4 antenna combination, which makes the WiFi project more higher quality and reliable.

Built-in Watchdog Chip

CF-WA850 is built-in watchdog chip, which ensure self-healing and self-reset function. It is greatly reduced the device’s maintenance cost and made the device restore the normal work by the sudden malfunction.

Data Sheet

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