Signal Problem Is No Longer A Problem

Do WiFi project, signal coverage and penetration is the basic standard of evaluation of engineering quality, using CF-E380AC using 6PA+6 built-in antenna combination gives better and more reliable engineering WiFi.

Dual Band Concurrent Priority Even 5G

When router 2.4/5.8GHz dual band concurrent, in most cases the terminal equipment will automatically connect to the 2.4G network interferences when CF-E380AC dual band concurrent, the terminal will give priority to connect the pure 5.8G without interference network.

High Density Tape

When a scene the user density is too large, will often put the test of WiFi equipment with machine; CF-E380AC high density tape, users density can also maintain WiFi light smooth.

Built In Watchdog Chip Simplified

CF-E380AC have watchdog chip configuration, have a strong self repair and restart function, reduce the maintenance cost of equipment, allow the device to resume normal work in the first time from sudden failure.

Data Sheet

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