CF-E320N V2

High power&High Density&High Speed

It is with 300Mbps high speed transmission, which can solve the headache of Multi-user simultaneously access.

WiFi Interactive Marketing

It is based on the OpenWRT OS, U-boot can always refresh and never crash. And it can be compatible with most WiFi marketing system.

Watchdog Chipset

CF-E320N hardware solution designs the watchdog chipset, which brings more convenience for the project. It can reduce the cost and time for the users maintaining device. As there are always some problems when the device is working. The loyal watchdog can make the device restoration automatically.

Energy Saving & Environmentally & Non radiative

CF-E320N uses the standard power consumption. Non radiative and environmental design celling AP is perfect for the old people, children and pregnant woman.

300M Teanmission Rate

\r\nCF-E320N wireless transfer speed up to 300Mbps, which makes local network transfer speed be increased in one moment. Game will not delay time, movie will not buffer, video will not stop, then really enjoy the fly network feeling.

Data sheet

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