Practical Technology Innovative Technology

Five innovative technology are leading the CPE direction. ” To be the vane of innovative technology, or not to be the skilled carrier. ”

Six Modes & Widely Use

Meet all the application requirement of outdoor WiFi project. ” Control the core equipment, and be flexible to carry out the project. ”

European & american Standard

On the material selection, COMFAST not only considers about moderate environment, but also considers harsh environment. COMFAST CPE shell uses ASA industrial-grade material, which had passed the European Union CE and the United States FCC certificate. It provides elaborate character.

 The Real & Black Technology

All the COMFAST project series products, PCB are the black color series, which are all with its own independent technology. Every device performs perfectly since it is calibered 100% during production.

POE RST & Remotely Reset

The POE device always installs on the very high place. If the system is blocked, it will be very hard to maintain. COMFITS CPE can remotely reset it through the POE on the ground, which can save maintenance cost a lot.

Data sheet

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